the summertime hottie (snappleaddict) wrote in thebtbproject,
the summertime hottie

So, after having three websites shut down, being put on probation from AOL, and having the mailing list basically die...BTB LIVES ON!

I love it.

Welcome, all of you, I am the President and co-founder of The BTB Project. The BTB Project started one late night during Christmas break freshmen year of high school (1999). My friend Alison and I decided to go into the AOL Britney Spears chatrooms and inform the "fans" how much she sucks. This is where BTB was born.

The original BTB website consisted of about 5 different AOL homepages, some being mine, the members page being Alison's, and some being Danielle's. AOL, being the pricks they are, shut down all the pages except for Alison's and then put Danielle and I on probation with them.

AOL just doesn't understand.

Do you think that little thing would dissuade me? Ha! I promptly got an Angelfire account.

Oh man, the Angelfire site kicked so much had over 20 pages to it and was piss-in-your-pants funny. However, since we used the words "incest," "skank," "whore," and "slut" we got shut down yet again.

It was a sad day for all. Especially since I never anticipated it and none of it was saved.

So I started making another site on a different host, but I had stopped being such a loser and didn't have a lot of time. Oh well, it got shut down anyway.

Yet the mailing list lived on. Sure, it has dropped significantly in posts...okay, we don't get any posts...but I still get people joining it every now and then.

But why didn't I think of a LiveJournal community before?

Oh well, who cares, there's one now!

BTB 4-Life!
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