the summertime hottie (snappleaddict) wrote in thebtbproject,
the summertime hottie

I have some disturbing BTB news.

Occasionally, I peruse the headlines of the magazines while in line to check out at Wal-Mart or hell (a.k.a. Berkot's), and I have noticed that there is much speculation of Britney being pregnant.

We can't have this.

It's bad enough that her ugly ass little sister got a show (which totally SUCKSm she can't act and her accent bugs the piss out of me), but to carry on Britney's genes? And to (not for sure, she's a skank) have it also be half Kevin Federline's? No way. She should've ripped out her uterus the day she married that good for nothing, succubus, deadbeat dad.

But I digress.

Here is the upside to Britney getting pregnant: Kevin Federline will divorce her and she will be unhappy. That works. She will also get fatter than she already is and her fake boobies will pop. Okay, cool. Ooh, and there's always the possibility of her dying in childbirth...

All right, I changed my mind. I hope Britney does get pregnant.

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