the summertime hottie (snappleaddict) wrote in thebtbproject,
the summertime hottie

UPN -Satan's tool?


Spears Tells Real Love Story with Reality TV Show

Pop beauty (beauty? psht.) Britney Spears is fighting against false tabloid rumors about herself by launching a reality TV show documenting her relationship with husband (should've gotten a pre-nup) Kevin Federline - to show her fans the truth (That she's an idiot? A five year old can see that.). American TV network UPN have bought six episodes of the untitled series (there's never anything good on UPN anyway, this just adds to the suckiness.), which consists of videotape footage shot by the (porn) star and Federline, which tells the story of their courtship, engagement and wedding. Spears explains, "From the day that Kevin and I met, there have been constant rumors and inaccurate speculation about our lives together. I feel that last year the tabloids ran my life and I am really excited about showing my fans what really happened rather than all the stories, which have been misconstrued by journalists in the past." (Translation: Even my hardcore "fans" are starting to realize I'm a dumbass with no talent, and hell, if a reality show helped Jessica Simpson's career, maybe it'll help mine! Plus I'm a freaking narcissist, and if the attention isn't on me, then I need to make it on me.)
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haha, i love you karla.

i'd also like to say that satan's use of UPN as a marketing tool has been evident ever since moesha.

that is all.
it's true. moesha sucks ass.